Working at Target isn’t just about a job; it’s an opportunity to be part of a dynamic retail team. But have you ever wondered about the Target salary per hour for various positions within the company? From store managers steering the ship to friendly cashiers making your checkout experience a breeze, each role comes with its own unique compensation.  

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Target Salary Per Hour

Target Salary Per Hour

When it comes to understanding salaries at Target, the retail giant, there are various positions with different pay rates. This guide will provide detailed information on Target Per Hour Salary for different roles, including Target Assistant Managers, Cashiers, and Managers. It’s essential to note that Target’s pay rates may vary by location, experience, and other factors, so this guide should serve as a general reference. 

Position  Hourly Salary 
Manager  $18 – $25 
Assistant Manager  $16 – $22 
Cashier  $13 – $18 

Please note that these are just the starting salaries and the actual salary may vary depending on experience, location, and other factors. 

Target offers competitive hourly wages for its employees. Hourly salaries at Target vary based on the specific job role and location. The average starting wage for an entry-level Target team member is around $15 per hour. 

Target Hourly Salary

Target Salary Hourly structure depends on several factors, including experience, job role, and location. And it typically reviews and adjusts its hourly pay rates regularly to remain competitive in the job market. 

Hourly salaries at Target can range from minimum wage for entry-level positions to higher wages for specialized roles. 

  • Target Manager Salary Per Hour: The salary range for managers at Target is $18 – $25 per hour. Managers are responsible for overseeing the day-to-day operations of a store. Including hiring and training employees, managing inventory, and ensuring customer satisfaction. 
  • Target Assistant Manager Salary Per Hour: The salary range for assistant managers at Target is $16 – $22 per hour. Assistant managers are responsible for supporting the manager in their duties. Such as training employees, scheduling shifts, and resolving customer issues. 
  • Target Cashier Salary Per Hour: The salary range for cashiers at Target is $13 – $18 per hour. Cashiers are responsible for processing customer payments, scanning items, and bagging groceries. 

Target Salary per Hour California

The hourly salary for Target employees in California can vary depending on several factors, including:

  • Job position: Different positions within Target have different pay ranges. For example, cashiers typically earn less than team leads or pharmacy technicians.
  • Experience: Employees with more experience typically earn more than those with less experience.
  • Specific location: Some Target locations in California may offer slightly different pay rates than others.

However, here’s a general overview of hourly pay for Target employees in California:

  • Cashiers: The average hourly pay for cashiers at Target in California is between $13.76 and $16.52, according to data from Indeed.
  • Team members: The average hourly pay for team members (general staff) at Target in California is between $14.90 and $17.78, according to Indeed.
  • Pharmacy technicians: The average hourly pay for pharmacy technicians at Target in California is between $19.26 and $23.74, according to Indeed.

In addition to the hourly pay, Target employees in California also receive benefits such as:

  • Health insurance
  • Dental insurance
  • Vision insurance
  • Paid time off
  • Employee discounts

Target Salary Per Hour Florida

Job Title Average Hourly Pay Range Lowest Reported
Highest Reported
Cashier $13.82 – $15.32 $8.80 $12.93
Team Member $15.32 – $16.44 $8.80 $12.93
Pharmacy Technician $22.50 – $25.25 $14.26 $30.00
  • In Florida, Target cashiers typically earn between $13.82 and $15.32 per hour, with some positions paying as low as $8.80 or as high as $12.93.
  • Team members generally make between $15.32 and $16.44 per hour, although salary can range between $8.80 and $12.93 depending on factors like experience and location.
  • Pharmacy technicians are among the highest paid employees at Target, earning an average of $22.50 to $25.25 per hour, with some positions reaching up to $30.00.

Target Salary Per Hour Texas

Job Title Average Hourly Pay Range Lowest Reported Highest Reported
Cashier $13.61 – $16.64 $8.79 $19.54
Team Member $15.11 – $17.62 $8.79 $19.54
Warehouse Worker $21.83 $15.10 $25.00
Fulfillment Associate $15.11 $10.00 $25.25
Warehouse Lead $71,853 per year N/A N/A
Seasonal Warehouse Associate $53,176 per year N/A N/A
Packer $38,675 per year N/A N/A
Sales Associate $13.69 $8.92 $19.80
Style Consultant $15.05 $10.42 $23.00
Beauty Consultant $15.41 $10.42 $23.00
Sales Leader $17.81 $10.42 $23.00
Merchandise Flow Team Member $8.92 $8.79 $10.50
Order Picker $21.95 $15.10 $25.00
Fulfillment Manager $75,032 per year N/A N/A

Target Assistant Manager Salary per Hour

The hourly pay for Target Assistant Managers can vary based on several factors, including:

  • Location: Different geographical areas within the US have varying pay scales for Target employees.
  • Experience: Assistant Managers with more experience typically earn higher hourly rates than those with less experience.
  • Specific store performance: Target may offer salary adjustments based on the performance of the store the Assistant Manager works in.
  • Team size: Stores with larger teams might offer slightly higher pay to Assistant Managers due to their increased responsibility.

However, here’s what I can tell you about Target Assistant Manager hourly pay:

  • Average range: Based on data from Indeed and Glassdoor, the average hourly pay for Target Assistant Managers falls between $18.00 and $25.00.
  • Top reported figures: Some Assistant Managers report hourly rates exceeding $30.00, though this is likely due to factors like location, experience, and exceeding performance expectations.
  • Lower reported figures: Hourly rates as low as $15.00 have been reported, but these may be in regions with overall lower cost of living or for new Assistant Managers with minimal experience.

Target Cashier Salary per Hour

Target cashiers in the US typically earn $13-$17 per hour, but can range from $8-$20, depending on location and experience. Bonus: They also get benefits like health insurance and discounts.

Target Manager Salary per Hour

Target manager salaries per hour vary widely: $18-$30+ depending on location, experience, and specific role. Some roles like warehouse lead are annual salaried (~$72k), while others like team leader might be closer to the hourly range.

Target salary per Hour Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, NYC, Virginia

State Cashier Team Member Pharmacy Technician Sales Leader
Arizona $13.27 – $15.80 $14.58 – $17.18 $21.68 – $24.52 $17.34 – $20.25
Georgia $13.49 – $16.02 $14.85 – $17.47 $21.93 – $24.87 $17.64 – $20.54
Illinois $13.76 – $16.52 $15.12 – $17.90 $22.50 – $25.25 $18.20 – $21.10
Maryland $14.05 – $16.87 $15.41 – $18.23 $22.85 – $25.78 $18.58 – $21.50
Massachusetts $14.34 – $17.20 $15.70 – $18.58 $23.20 – $26.12 $19.07 – $22.02
New York (NYC) $15.73 – $19.18 $17.09 – $20.11 $24.73 – $28.06 $20.56 – $24.71
Virginia $13.82 – $16.64 $15.18 – $17.98 $22.56 – $25.40 $18.26 – $21.16


Target Part-Time Salary

Target part-time salaries typically range from $13.46 to $16.94 per hour, according to job search sites like ZipRecruiter.

Q: How much Target pay per Hour?

  • Target’s hourly pay varies depending on factors such as job role, location, and experience.
  • Entry-level positions like cashiers and sales associates typically start at around $10 to $15 per hour.
  • Specialized roles or positions requiring more experience may offer higher hourly wages.
  • Target has periodically raised its minimum wage in recent years, aiming to reach a $15 minimum wage for all employees by 2020.
  • Benefits such as health insurance, retirement plans, and employee discounts may also be available to eligible employees.
  • Hourly pay rates may vary by region and are subject to change over time due to company policies and market conditions.