Target delivery service provides customers with convenient and flexible options for receiving their purchases. Whether shopping in-store or online, Target offers several delivery methods to suit individual preferences and needs. For online orders, customers can choose from standard shipping, expedited shipping, or same-day delivery in eligible areas, allowing for quick and efficient delivery of their items.

Additionally, Target offers free shipping on qualifying orders for Target REDcard holders and often runs promotions for free shipping on minimum purchase amounts. For those who prefer to shop in-store, Target provides services like Order Pickup and Drive Up, enabling customers to order online and collect their items at a designated pickup location or have them brought directly to their vehicle. Target’s delivery service aims to enhance the overall shopping experience by offering convenience, reliability, and flexibility to meet the diverse needs of its customers.

Target Delivery

Target Same Day Delivery

  1. Eligible Items: Same-day delivery is available for a wide range of items sold by Target, including groceries, household essentials, electronics, and more. However, not all items may be eligible for same-day delivery due to factors such as availability and location.
  2. Shipt Membership: To access Target’s same-day delivery service, customers must be members of Shipt, Target’s delivery partner. Shipt offers both monthly and annual membership options, which grant members unlimited free delivery on orders over a certain threshold.
  3. Order Placement: To place a same-day delivery order, customers can use the Shipt app or visit the Shipt website. They can browse Target’s selection, add items to their cart, and select the same-day delivery option at checkout.
  4. Delivery Window: Once the order is placed, customers can choose a convenient delivery window for the same day. Delivery windows may vary depending on factors such as location and demand. Customers receive updates and notifications regarding their delivery status.
  5. Fees: While Shipt membership includes unlimited free delivery on qualifying orders, there may be additional fees for orders below the minimum threshold or for certain premium services, such as alcohol delivery.
  6. Delivery Area: Same-day delivery through Shipt is available in select markets and locations. Customers can check the Shipt website or app to see if their area is eligible for same-day delivery from Target.

Target Delivery Company & Drivers

Target itself doesn’t directly employ delivery drivers for all their deliveries. They utilize a couple of methods to get your purchases to you:

1. Shipt: This is Target’s main partner for same-day delivery services. Shipt uses a network of independent contractors who act as shoppers and drivers. These individuals use their own vehicles to pick up your order from a nearby Target store and deliver it straight to your door.

2. Target Last Mile Delivery (TLMD): This is a newer system for next-day deliveries. Target operates sortation centers strategically placed around the country. Here, orders are grouped by delivery area. Shipt drivers then pick up these pre-sorted packages from the TLMD centers and deliver them to customers within a designated zone.

So, there isn’t a single “Target Delivery Company” or uniform for drivers.

  • Shipt Drivers: These drivers will likely be using their own cars and may or may not have any kind of identifying Target apparel. They might use the Shipt app for deliveries.
  • TLMD Drivers: These are also likely to be independent contractors using their own vehicles. While there might not be a standardized uniform, they could potentially have a badge or wear clothing indicating they’re delivering for Target’s Last Mile Delivery service.

Target Online Shopping Delivery

Target offers a few ways to get your online shopping delivered directly to your doorstep. For super speedy deliveries, they partner with Shipt. Shipt uses a network of independent contractors who act like personal shoppers. They’ll pick your order right off the shelf at a nearby Target and deliver it to you, often within the same day.

Alternatively, for next-day deliveries, Target utilizes their own Target Last Mile Delivery centers. These centers sort out packages by area, and independent contractors pick them up for delivery within their designated zone. While there’s no single “Target delivery driver” uniform, you can expect these deliveries to be made in regular cars, possibly with the driver using a Shipt app or wearing some form of Target Last Mile Delivery identification.

Target Delivery Fee

Standard Shipping:

  • Target offers standard shipping for eligible orders.
  • Typically, orders over a certain threshold qualify for free standard shipping.
  • For orders below the threshold, a standard shipping fee may apply, typically starting at around $5.99.

Expedited Shipping:

  • Expedited shipping options are available for customers who need their orders to arrive more quickly.
  • The cost of expedited shipping varies depending on factors such as order size, weight, and destination.
  • Expedited shipping fees are typically higher than standard shipping fees.

Same-Day Delivery (Through Shipt):

  • Same-day delivery is offered through Target’s delivery partner, Shipt.
  • Customers must be members of Shipt to access same-day delivery services.
  • Shipt membership typically includes unlimited free delivery on qualifying orders over a certain threshold.
  • For orders below the minimum threshold or for certain premium services, there may be additional fees.

Special Promotions:

  • Target occasionally offers promotions and discounts on shipping fees.
  • These promotions may include free shipping on all orders, discounted shipping rates, or other incentives.
  • Customers should check Target’s website or subscribe to promotional emails for the latest offers on shipping fees.

In-Store Pickup:

  • Target offers free in-store pickup for eligible items.
  • Customers can place their orders online and select the in-store pickup option at checkout.
  • There are no additional fees for in-store pickup orders.

Target Delivery Driver App

Target’s delivery driver app, typically used by drivers working with Target’s delivery partners like Shipt, is designed to streamline the delivery process and provide essential tools for completing deliveries efficiently.

  1. Order Management: The app provides drivers with a list of assigned orders, including details such as customer information, delivery addresses, and order contents. Drivers can easily view and manage their delivery queue within the app.
  2. Navigation: Integrated navigation tools help drivers navigate to each delivery location efficiently. The app typically includes GPS functionality and real-time traffic updates to optimize route planning and minimize delivery times.
  3. Communication: The app enables communication between drivers and customers, allowing for updates on delivery status, estimated arrival times, and any issues encountered during delivery. Drivers may also receive notifications or messages from customers regarding their orders.
  4. Order Tracking: Drivers can track the status of each delivery within the app, from pickup at the store or distribution center to delivery at the customer’s doorstep. This feature helps drivers stay organized and informed throughout the delivery process.
  5. Customer Support: The app may include features for accessing customer support, such as chat or phone support, in case drivers encounter any difficulties or need assistance while on the road.
  6. Payment Processing: Some delivery driver apps facilitate payment processing, allowing drivers to accept payments, process refunds, or handle other financial transactions related to deliveries.
  7. Performance Metrics: Target’s delivery driver app may provide drivers with access to performance metrics and analytics, such as delivery completion rates, customer ratings, and earnings summaries. This information helps drivers track their performance and identify areas for improvement.